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Monday, October 29


3D Track. NYS Elevation Data: Lifecycle on Collecting, Reviewing, and Sharing Elevation Data
AUTHORS: Jeffrey Langella, New York State Information Technology Services - GIS Program Office

ABSTRACT: This presentation will highlight how New York State is working with other County, State, and Federal Agencies on where to collect Elevation Data. A high level overview on how the data is reviewed for quality and accuracy using several different GIS packages. The end of the presentation will focus on all the products we make available free of charge. These products include bare earth DEMs, Hillshade, Contours, and LAS Point Clouds. We will focus on how we make all of this data available to the public via direct download and web services.

Monday October 29, 2018 2:00pm - 2:30pm
Saratoga 1/2
Tuesday, October 30


Web Apps #2 Track. Data Management Tool (DMT): How a Web-based Application Helps to Manage and Inventory Multiple Internal, Private and Public Geodatabases, Map Services and Online Items Throughout an Enterprise
AUTHORS: Michael Blair, Innovate! Inc.

ABSTRACT: Innovate developed a custom application, or Data Management Tool (DMT) to improve the quality, consistency, and transparency of US EPA Region 9 geospatial resources. As background, the US EPA Region 9 utilizes a wide range of Esri products in multiple internal, sensitive, and public environments. Maintaining an up to date and accurate inventory of data in enterprise geodatabases, ArcGIS Server services, and ArcGIS Online items is both arduous and complex. Further, a historical focus on project-centric operations tended to silo data by project area or support division, often resulting in data and metadata replication. While EPA Region 9 has deployed previous data management systems, their faults were often in the reliance of manual inventory updates and user input.

The DMT application provides a searchable, sortable, user-friendly interface that not only relates all of the content but checks for the existence of and completeness of related documentation, including hosting environment, metadata, unique identifiers, update cycles, and sharing settings. The application serves as a live, single point of entry for all analysts to find resources, and immediately identify their location, accuracy, and relevance.

The new DMT leverages the backends of enterprise geodatabases in Microsoft SQL Server, ArcGIS for Server, and the ArcGIS Online API to harvest and relate features in all three Esri products. The system is deployed in each environment and automatically harvests items in the enterprise geodatabases and those related to map service layers, including the metadata for all ArcGIS Online items to identify if any contain rest services.

Tuesday October 30, 2018 8:30am - 9:00am


Workshop Track. Leveraging the Power of Big Data to Capture and Visualize High-Volume Vector Data Change with ArcGIS and Amazon's Redshift Database
AUTHORS: Brian Hebert, ScribeKey, LLC

ABSTRACT: Leveraging ArcGIS tools and the high performance computing power of Amazon Web Services Redshift big data cloud database platform, Brian Hebert of ScribeKey, LLC, will demonstrate capturing and visualizing high volume vector data change. Metrics will be captured, presented, and analyzed to describe changes to the full national US TIGER Line street network layer (All Lines - EDGES), between 2013 and 2017, involving comparisons of tens of millions of individual street line features' geometry and attributes. Participants will gain a solid understanding of how big data engines can be leveraged and integrated with ESRI's GIS Desktop applications.

Tuesday October 30, 2018 10:30am - 12:00pm
Broadway 3


Public Data Track. New York State Parcel Map Program: Past, Present and Future
AUTHORS: Katherine Kiyanitsa, NYS Office of Information Technology Services GIS Program Office

ABSTRACT: The NYS GIS Program Office has a program to develop and share a statewide GIS tax parcel file. The objective is to assemble a single layer of tax parcel polygons with a standardized and robust set of assessment roll attributes that can be shared among all state agencies, other government entities, and the public. The presentation includes a brief history of the program; benefits of the use of the data; challenges in broadening public access to the data; and the future direction of the program.

Tuesday October 30, 2018 3:30pm - 4:00pm
Broadway 3